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Making a will is something that should not be overlooked. At Zuriel Solicitors, we take the time to tailor your will to your own personal circumstances, and ensure your final wishes are enacted as you request. ​

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We have years of expertise in all aspects of will writing and execution, including Inheritance tax. 


The importance of making a will cannot be overstated. Each will is tailored specifically for the client, considering his or her personal financial circumstances, family commitments and the possible incidence of taxation and in particular, inheritance tax.
At Zuriel Solicitors you can be assured of receiving experienced, sensitive and specialist advice in ensuring that your family and loved ones are provided for in the future.
We facilitate a smooth, tax efficient distribution of your estate, catering for your specific and individual requirements.
After a death, it is important to those who are left behind that the estate is administered with sympathy as well as with efficiency, obtaining valuations of all the assets, agreeing the tax liability, applying for the Grant of Probate and then with the benefit of that grant gathering in the assets of the estate and administering them according to the will.
We can provide you with practical, confidential advice across the whole spectrum of wills and probate issues including:
1.    Making a will
2.    Administering an estate
3.    Applying for probate
4.    Inheritance tax issues
5.    Power of attorney 


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  • Making a will

  • Administering an estate

  • Applying for probate

  • Inheritance Tax issues

  • Powers of Attorney


We always aim to offer accurate and transparent fees when you come to us for a will. As a guideline, a simple will costs £300, and a pair of mirrored wills costs £450. Your will may be subject to additional fees, which we will discuss in full.


Most arrangements include face-to-face meetings (dependent on Covid guidelines), clear advice in plain English, draft will creation, a second meeting to sign your will, safe storage of the completed will, and free registration with Certainty, a national will register.


Probate can be a lengthy and involved process. Broadly speaking there are five main stages:

Stage 1. The initial stage. This involves meeting your dedicated probate lawyer to identify executors, selecting the correct type of probate, and start the process of obtaining valuations and essential probate information.

Stage 2. This involves preparing relevant IHT documentation, calculating IHT, and preparing payment.

Stage 3. We will prepare a draft statement of truth for you to swear by, apply to the Probate Court on your behalf, and obtain the probate.

Stage 4. We will then collect assets, pay all known liabilities, and advertise for creditors. Where the sale of a property is concerned, we will liaise with property solicitors. Our team will also finalise the income tax up to the point of death, complete any IHT documentation and figures, and finalise Capital Gains Tax. We will obtain HMRC clearance for all taxes relevant to your case, and carry out bankruptcy and ID checks on beneficiaries.

When it comes to paying legacies, we’ll ensure assets are distributed correctly, and obtain receipts for all payments.

Stage 5. We will complete the final estate account, send signed copies to residuary beneficiaries, and prepare an R185 tax certificate. Any remaining estates will be distributed, and receipts obtained.

Stages 6 and 7. Sometimes, additional steps may be required. Please speak to our team to discuss your exact requirements.

A taxable estate can take around 12 months to complete. This depends on the complexity of an estate, and may take more or less time.


Our wills and probate service may be subject to additional fees and time requirements, depending on your requirements. These could include:

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  • Fixed fee probate
    We provide two probate fee options; a fixed fee option where we obtain probate on your behalf and a more flexible complete service option that adapts to a wider range of probate support. Fixed fee probate service We can assist you through this difficult process by obtaining the probate on your behalf: Simple Estate - £1,500 + VAT (£1,800) Complex Estate - £2,500 + VAT (£3,000) This includes: A dedicated probate lawyer to work with you An initial consultation to identify executors, administrators and beneficiaries Correctly identify the right type of probate application for your circumstances Advice on the whole probate process Advising executors and administrators of their responsibilities Discussing the information required to obtain probate, allowing you to list assets and liabilities, as well as their value Reviewing the information provided to ensure it meets HMRC rules. Completing Inheritance Tax forms Ensuring the correct Inheritance Tax (IHT) exemptions and reliefs are claimed. Drafting a statement of truth. Applying to the probate court Obtaining the probate and sending the details to you Free storage of the probate (original copy) For simple estates we will complete form IHT205 (plus IHT217 if required) For complex estates, we’ll: Completing form IHT400, plus relevant references Aspects of Inheritance Tax (IHT), including calculating the IHT due for the estate, prepating forms, obtaining the IHT reference, and liaising with banks to arrange payment Obtain a probate summary with receipt from HMRC
  • Disbursements
    Disbursements are additional costs related to your case, that are paid to third parties. These may include: Probate Court fees: £155 (additional copies charged at 50p per copy, no VAT) Copies of property deeds: £3, no VAT) Unknown creditor protections: approx. £200 +VAT
  • Timescales
    Simple estates. From receipt of the list of the assets and we estimate 2 weeks to complete stages 3 to 7 (details below). The Probate Court will take an average of 2 weeks to issue your probate. Complex estates: These typically take 3 to 6 weeks to complete states 3 to 7. HMRC will take around 4 weeks to complete and return the probate summary, and the courts will take 2 weeks to issue the probate. From receipt of the list of the assets and liabilities and their values, it will take us 3 to 6 weeks to complete stages 3 to 4. We can provide a complete probate service. We understand that every estate is different, and the bereavement process can be a challenging time for you and your family. We are happy to offer a helping hand, and deal with every aspect of the estate management process from start to finish. Costs will vary from case to case, but are partially based on the estate value, as well as the time we spend on your case.
  • Deeds
    Copies of the deeds to your property, at £7 per property (not VAT).
  • Time and estate fees
    Charges for our time is based on the level of specialist you’ll work with, in additional to the total time spend. As an example, costs can range from £3000 to £20,000 (larger or more complex estates can cost more). Our hourly rates are: Trainee solicitors: £160-£10/hour Solicitor/chartered legal executive with up to 4 years’ post-qualification experience: £200-£240/hour Solicitor/chartered legal executive with minimum 4 years’ post-qualification experience: £240-£260/hour Senior solicitor: £260-£280/hour Partner: £260-£300 Estate Value For the value elements, rates start from 1% of the value of the estate; please speak to our team for a full breakdown of our other rates.
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Call 020 7582 5543 or 07985 457674 to discuss your needs with our Islington-based team.

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