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Zuriel Solicitors is a specialist firm of immigration lawyers and our team of solicitors are here to help you with any problem you may have.

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Zuriel Solicitors is a specialist Immigration firm, and our solicitors are here to help you.
Whether you are seeking entry clearance to the UK to join your parents or settle with your partner, to work or set up your own business, to seek asylum or family reunion, or you are a student contemplating a period of study in the UK or your Immigration status in the UK is precarious.

We can advise you on every step of the process and assist with the application process for you to be settled in the UK.
Our wealth of experience in the UK Immigration Law & Practice coupled with our proactive approach will ensure that solutions are proffered to meet your individual needs and your application runs smoothly.

We specialise in dealing with a variety of immigration issues and are accredited by the Law Society. We can also advise you in relation to the following issues:
1.    Entry Clearance Visa Applications
2.    Immigration Appeals
3.    Immigration Detention
4.    Business Visas
5.    Work Permits
6.    Judicial Reviews
7.    Deportation Appeals
8.    Student Visas
9.    Spouse Visas 
10.    Indefinite Leave to Remain
11.    Discretionary Leave to Remain 
12.    Bail Applications
13.    Visa Extensions
14.    Asylum 



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We calculate our rates in relation to the time you will spend with a member of our team, and any work they do on your behalf. All non-qualified members of our team (e.g. paralegal, trainee solicitors) are supervised by trained solicitors for complete peace of mind.


  • Solicitors with over 8 years' qualified experience: £400

  • Solicitors/legal executives, min. 4 years' qualified experience: £300

  • Other qualified solicitors and legal executives: £200

  • Trainee solicitors and paralegal: £130


When applying, there may be additional costs paid to third parties. We can handle payments on your behalf. These could include:

  • Interpreter's fees (approx. £120/hour)

  • Medical reports

  • Home office and NHS surcharges

  • Travel and fuel cost if we are required to travel with you

  • Appeal fees

Feel free to contact our team for a full list of possible disbursements.


Zuriel Solicitors provides immigration law support to a wide range of clients. The below offers examples of what we can support you with, and expected fees and durations.

Applications are completed according to current and relevant regulations, such as rules relating to European Economic Area (EEA) applicants.

Please note these are examples, and your costs will vary depending on the complexity of your case, and the fee-earner's hourly rates. All figures exclude VAT unless specifically stated.

  • Naturalisation or registration under the British nationality Act 1981. 4-6 hours, approx. £2000-£4000.

  • Applications on behalf of European Economic Area (EEA) nationals and their family members (e.g. permanent residence). 6-8 hours, approx. £2000-£4000

  • Applications under immigration rules, such as student/tourism visas. 4-6 hours, approx. £1000-£3500.

  • Spouse and partner applications, including fiancés and proposed civil partners. 4-6 hours, approx. £1600-£2500

  • Applications for work, business or study under the Points-Based System (excluding sponsorship licence applications). 4-6 hours, approx. £1600-£2500

  • Dependent relative/ family reunion applications. 4-6 hours, approx. £1600-£2500

  • Asylum applications. 8-10 hours, approx. £3200-£4000

  • Ancestry visas. 4-6 hours, approx. £1600-£2500

  • Applications on the basis of family and private life. 4-6 hours, £1600-£2500


The time and fees associated with your appeal depend on the level it has reached:

  • First-tier tribunal. 6-10 hours, approx. £2500-£4000

  • Upper tribunal. 4-6 hours, approx. £1600-£2400

  • Judicial reviews (upper tribunal). 6-10 hours, approx. £2400-£4000

  • Court of appeal cases. 10-14 hours, approx. £4000-£6000

Regardless of the level of your appeal, the exact time it will take will depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • The amount of evidence that needs to be considered, and evidence which is supplied in our first meeting

  • Any complications/exceptional circumstances

  • If a translation service is required

  • If you are applying alongside dependents

Fees can be expected to be on the lower side of our estimates, if you are able to clearly meet immigration requirements, and provider sufficient evidence during out first meeting.

When we work with you, we will discuss your circumstances in detail, advise you on current immigration requirements, and offer support for when you might not meet current immigration rules. If this is the case, we can help you find further supporting evidence to help your application.

We will prepare your application (approx. 3-5 hours), present your application, and attend Home Office interviews on your behalf (we will advise you if you are also required to attend).

Hours for all appeals may increase if documents require translation, or additional statements/evidence is required.

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Call our team in Islington, London on 020 7582 5543 or 07985 457674.

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